OEM Auto Parts: Where To Buy And Who To Trust As An Online Seller


For luxury vehicle owners, or drivers want to preserve original car parts, it's important to know where to shop. When choosing the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), there's more than one place to purchase auto parts. Many people indicate that OEM auto parts and aftermarket are the same quality and operate similarly. However, in some makes and model vehicles, this isn't the case.

Drivers of foreign-made or luxury vehicles are familiar with this fact. In some instances, manufacturers require OEM auto parts in the car to preserve warranties. Regardless of the reason you choose OEM over aftermarket, you have to know where to buy these parts. Quality, guarantees, and smooth operation are some benefits of investing in original equipment manufacturer parts. When it's time to purchase, make sure you know where to get these parts online.

When Should You Choose OEM Auto Parts?

For drivers who are shopping for OEM auto parts, it's important to know where to purchase them. There are some instances when it's imperative to buy OEM rather than aftermarket parts. In addition to preserving the warranty, OEM auto parts are generally the best quality available. One instance when drivers should choose OEM is when the vehicle is in the body shop for collision repair. Aftermarket panels might not fit precisely, which will result in shoddy work quality and appearance. Additionally, drivers planning on selling their car will notice a dip in value if they're vehicle has aftermarket parts. Therefore, when listing a vehicle for sale, it's best to indicate that it has OEM auto parts.

For those who want to preserve the vehicle's engine and longevity, OEM auto parts are the superior choice. The items are new and meet the manufacturer's specific size/material requirements. Therefore, drivers know the piece won't cause damage, deterioration, or otherwise prematurely wear down the vehicle.

Benefits and Drawbacks of OEM Auto Parts

Drivers must understand as much as possible about the auto parts they're going to buy before investing in them. This information will make it significantly easier to know where to buy and what to look for when choosing parts. These are some of the benefits as well as drawbacks that drivers must consider when selecting OEM auto parts.


There are many benefits to choosing OEM auto parts over aftermarket parts. Some of these benefits include:

  • The best quality because the original manufacturer makes the parts
  • Warranties and guarantees aren't void by manufacturers
  • Body parts are superior, specifically for collision repairs
  • There's no guesswork when choosing (no need to weed through multiple aftermarket distributors)


There are undoubtedly some drawbacks drivers must consider when selecting OEM auto parts too. These include:

  • The cost is higher than aftermarket parts
  • There's only one option, the manufacturer
  • There are fewer places to buy OEM auto parts
  • Sometimes limits in stock/inventory mean drivers will have to wait for parts to arrive

Average Price of OEM Auto Parts

Obviously, the prices will vary significantly if drivers are buying a bumper versus a new engine. The manufacturer of some vehicles will impact the pricing. On average, drivers can expect to pay $100 to $5,000, or higher for many OEM auto parts. Drivers should compare several websites so they can find the best deal when buying parts online.​​​

Reasons to Preserve OEM Auto Parts Rather than Buy Aftermarket

Under the Magnuson Moss Act, it's illegal for auto manufacturers to void a warranty just because drivers install aftermarket parts. However, if the aftermarket part contributes to collisions, defects, or damage, manufacturers can void warranties. This reason is just one of many to choose OEM auto parts over aftermarket parts.

Many aftermarket parts don't have the same design as OEM. Additionally, some parts don't fit the vehicle similarly or have other defects that can lead to the vehicle's failure. In some makes/models, this fact is even more prominent.

Additional reasons to preserve OEM auto parts include:

  • Warranties and support from the dealership
  • The quality of the products are superior to several aftermarket parts
  • No deficiencies/changes in manufacturing
  • It's compatible with the vehicle's system/configuration (because the manufacturer produces the parts)

Where to Buy OEM Auto Parts Online

OEM auto parts are available on many online websites. Drivers can buy them directly through their local dealership when servicing their vehicle. However, prices are often going to be higher than they'll pay through online distributors. So it's generally the right decision to shop around and compare prices instead of buying directly from the dealership. These are undeniably some of the most reputable and most affordable online websites selling OEM auto parts.

1. Carparts.com

carparts.com logo

The website carries over one million OEM auto body parts online, for nearly any make/manufacturer imaginable. Lights, mirrors, engines, transmissions, and other items are available for drivers to order. When visiting the website, visitors can search by make, model, and year of the vehicle they own. Conversely, they can shop by the type of OEM auto parts they need to replace in their car.

There are many parts for off-road vehicles on the website as well. There are parts for cars, trucks, sedans, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Then there's the low price guarantee. If customers find a lower price on alternative websites, carparts.com will match and beat those prices. The part has to be from the same manufacturer, as well as the same make and model to qualify for the low price discount.

autoparts logo

This website is another great online dealer that carries OEM auto parts for several well-known manufacturers on the road. On the homepage, drivers can use the parts finder search. They enter the make, model, and year of the vehicle they're shopping for, to find available parts. They can input the engine and sub-part categories, for a specific auto part they're purchasing.

The website carries mirrors, emissions, engines, fenders and bumpers, and other interior accessories. Customers will find brakes, pads, wheels, tires, and parts for tools and garages (repair shops). If visitors know the model number of the piece, they can also perform a quick search for it. Lighting and exterior accessories are also available on the site. Drivers will find most top American and Foreign manufacturers on the list of parts they're searching for online.

jc whitner logo

JC Whitney is one of the oldest online auto parts websites. With over 107 years in the industry, they have a stronghold in the marketplace. The site is one of the most well-known by auto enthusiasts, and those looking for a great deal alike. They carry nearly any OEM auto parts imaginable, for all makes and models drivers are shopping for online. Dodge, Chevy, Audi, BMW, Toyota, or Ford, are just a few of the countless options customers will find online. 

The company places a primary focus on an enjoyable shopping experience for customers. So in addition to low prices, shoppers will find the purchase process enjoyable as well. JC Whitney carries accessories and parts for cars and trucks. Customers can perform their online search in one of many ways. They can input the vehicle information (make, model, year, etc.). Drivers can enter the name of the manufacturer they're searching for online. Or, if they know the part number/model number, they can also input this information. With millions of parts available, there's no shortage of products that customers will find when browsing the catalog. And, as one of the most reputable sites, drivers can rely on the quality and low prices available online.

At OEM Auto Parts and Accessories, drivers will find what they're looking for — no matter which vehicle they own. The website lists millions of parts, from countless manufacturers online. The search is intuitive. It allows drivers to enter the make, model, and year of their vehicle. It further breaks down searches with sub-categories. Drivers can also choose between manual and automatic transmissions, then by category.

Brakes, pads, engines, interior, and exterior accessories, and lighting are just a few categories the site lists. On the homepage, visitors can also search by part number to quickly find the item they want to buy. There are also drop-down tabs on the site. It's possible to search by car, type, manufacturer, or budget (price range). This intuitive website design is easy to search, allowing you to quickly find all the OEM auto parts your heart desires. Additionally, the affordable prices and selection for older vehicles allow everyone to find what they're looking for online.

5. Pep Boys

Pep Boys carries OEM auto parts as well as aftermarket auto parts. So drivers can quickly browse the online catalog, in order to find what they need for their vehicle. In addition to carrying the parts, they can also deliver to a local dealership if customers need. They will ship the parts directly to a dealership. This allows customers to have the part installation done as quickly as possible. This feature is excellent for collision repair or bodywork. It makes it quick and easy to order, and have the parts ready when the time for replacement arrives.

Pep Boys

Drivers can find nearly any part imaginable on the website. Tires, windshield wipers, brakes, pads, accessories, and there are even cleaning supplies for their vehicle online. Prices are also comparable to competitor's sites. The website also frequently has online sales, coupons, and promo codes that customers can use when shopping. So, they can save on the already low prices they're paying, when buying OEM auto parts online.

On this website, customers will find OEM auto parts for the specific make, model, and year of their vehicle. The sizeable online inventory makes it easy for drivers to shop by piece, or by car. Domestic and import vehicle listings are available for customers to browse through when buying online. Customers will find engines, cooling, tires, pads, struts, and nearly any other auto part imaginable. All parts arrive directly from the warehouse. Therefore, the middleman is cut out of the process. So, they can offer lower prices to customers who are shopping for OEM auto parts. Prices are much more affordable than they are through auto dealerships directly.

Car PArts discount

This company places a primary focus on a great shopping experience for their customers. With warehouses in the US, parts arrive at local body shops quickly. Customers can also send parts directly to the auto dealerships, or their homes when placing their orders. In addition to low price guarantees and quick delivery, the site also has agents available to answer questions. If customers can't find a part online, they can call. Or, if they need help to find a rare OEM part, service agents can assist them in finding those parts. The company's primary goal is to make for an enjoyable shopping experience for drivers.

The Best Sites to Buy OEM Auto Parts for Your Vehicle

There's more than one place to buy OEM auto parts. Additionally, many websites guarantee great deals, warranties, and the most selection. In addition to affordable prices, drivers want to know the OEM auto parts include additional warranties. If you're looking for the best deal, OEM Auto Parts and Accessories is an excellent place to shop. Drivers will find parts for vehicles that date back to the 1970s and 1980s (or earlier). The search process is straightforward. Shoppers can enter the year, make, and model, or search by part type/name. With nearly every manufacturer available, customers will also find parts that aren't available through other websites.

For those who want to shop with a reputable website, JC Whitney is the site to visit. With over 100 years of industry experience, it's obvious they're doing something right. Easy searches, an expansive inventory, and low prices are some perks of shopping here. And, the best customer experience is what the business tries to deliver. Therefore, you're sure to enjoy the shopping process.

There are many reasons drivers choose OEM over aftermarket. Some want to preserve the warranty while others want to maintain the car's appearance when doing bodywork. Other drivers prefer knowing the original manufacturer makes the parts and not a third-party dealer. If you're going to buy OEM auto parts, it's important to know where to shop for them. Although there are several great places to shop, some are obviously better options than others.


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