Used Auto Body Parts Online: The Purchasing Bible

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Many drivers are willing to buy auto parts online. But, some draw the line when it comes to used auto body parts. Doing this limits the selection of parts you'll find altogether. It also means you're going to pay more for the parts you do order directly from the dealership.

Drivers question the safety of used auto body parts. As long as you know where to shop online, you don't have to worry about safety concerns with used parts. Drivers should also understand which parts are safe to buy used, to ensure safe operation once they install them. Most used parts are OEM (original manufacturer) parts, so you can safely order them for your car. The question shouldn't be whether or not it's safe to buy used. Instead, you should be asking where to find the best deal for used parts.

Why Buy Used Auto Body Parts Online

At first glance, it seems obvious enough. Many drivers will buy used auto body parts, rather than new, to save on the cost. This factor, however, is just one of the reasons to consider used, rather than new, auto body parts. Before deciding where to purchase used parts, drivers should shop around. These are some reasons why buying used is a superior alternative, to overpaying for brand new OEM auto body parts:

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Lower Prices

Cars in the US are recyclable if they are unusable. This list includes lemons, junk, and inoperable vehicles. Before this occurs, dealers remove the parts that are salvageable from the car for resale/reuse. They turn around and sell them as used auto body parts. They are OEM parts, so drivers know they are directly from the make/model of their vehicle. And, the prices are a fraction of what they would cost if bought from the dealership. Drivers will pay much less, for virtually β€œbrand” new parts, without having to pay dealership fees, overhead, and taxes.

OEM Fit Guarantee

One of the main benefits of used auto body parts is that drivers know exactly where they select. These parts come from direct manufacturer vehicles. This detail allows parts retailers to guarantee the exact fit of in the same make and model car. Drivers can safely install used parts on their car, knowing they're original manufacturer parts. These items include transmissions and mechanical components. Choosing these OEM parts also makes installation easier for mechanics, at local body and repair shops.


Used auto parts retailers recycle the used parts they resell to customers. So, it's environmentally friendly for drivers to choose these parts when replacing/repairing them in their car. Buying used parts help reduce garbage and waste that would otherwise sit in landfills and salvage yards.

Is it Safe To Install Used Auto Body Parts In Your Car?

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You shouldn't be afraid of buying used auto body parts for safety fears and concerns. For starters, these items are direct OEM parts, meaning they fit in the vehicle precisely. Some parts are safer than others to buy online. As long as drivers choose the pieces on the β€œsafe list,” they meet manufacturer specifications. Transmission, mirrors, tires, rims, windows, and power locks, are some of the parts that are safe to buy used.

You should, however, be mindful of where they purchase the used parts. Choosing a reputable online parts retailer, and site with excellent ratings is something that consumers should do. Doing this allows you to find the best prices and deals for used auto body parts online.

How We Reviewed Online Used Auto Body Parts Sites

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Several websites sell used auto body parts. Just because there are multiple places to buy, doesn't mean drivers should choose the cheapest. In our review, we considered pricing, selection, safety, and types of used part availability. We also picked sites with excellent customer feedback/ratings, for service and low prices. Our review also considers the parts availability, for multiple manufacturers, years, make, and model vehicles. We also included websites that carry an extensive list of generic parts, that mechanics can install on any car.

Average Price of Used Auto Body Parts

A used transmission will cost more than used tires or rims. When shopping for used auto body parts online, drivers should compare multiple sites to find the best deals. When buying online, customers will learn that the manufacturer of the vehicle will affect parts pricing. Used auto body parts for a BMW will cost more than for a Honda Civic, in most cases. You should expect to pay $10 up to $2500 for certain parts. A used, rebuilt transmission can cost this much for some make/model vehicles. Before deciding where to purchase, drivers should visit multiple sites selling used auto body parts to find great deals.

The Best Places To Buy Used Auto Body Parts

Depending on the used auto body parts drivers are buying, different sites are better than others for parts. Additionally, the make/model of their vehicle often dictates where drivers should buy used parts. These are some of the best websites to shop for used auto body parts.

Parts Market

This online marketplace sells used auto body parts for various manufacturers. Audi, BMW, Ford, Dodge, Honda, and Lincoln, are a few of the countless manufacturers available. They list OEM parts on the site. So there is no worrying about shady dealers trying to pass off aftermarket as OEM parts.

The site also carries everything from alternators to AC compressors, audio, door systems, and more. No matter what part you are looking for, they can find a wide selection on the site regularly. Searching for parts is also easy. Visitors enter the year, make, and model of their vehicle. The site offers free returns, free shipping, competitive prices, and warranties on all parts they carry.

Parts Market partners with suppliers and professionals in the used auto body parts industry. Therefore, customers will find more selection, better pricing, and always know what they're getting online.

Drivers can find over 185 million used auto body parts on this website. OEM manufacturer parts are available for low prices. Visitors can quickly browse the inventory entering their car's make, model, and year. The site also allows visitors to shop local dealers in their area, by inputting a zip code when ordering.

When searching, the website also filters through recalled parts, to avoid selling faulty items to customers online. All parts go through screening before the website lists them. Therefore, is a specific vehicle is on a recall list, they are safe for you to buy. They are only online if the dealer deems they are safe after screening. Customers can also choose a standard or multi-part search. And, the website will list parts by lowest price, location, or grade (customer's choice when searching).

Searches are quick, easy, and straightforward. Drivers don't have to guess whether or not they're buying a part that's safe to install in their vehicle. Car-part also works with recyclers and licensed service shops. If drivers want to know where to take their car for installation, they can find this information online too.

This used auto body parts dealer features a low price guarantee to its customers. All parts customers order through the site are OEM parts. The site also partners with eBay. So customers can place their order through eBay or directly on when ordering.


With the multi-site listing, drivers will find millions of used auto body parts available on this platform. Headlights, brake pads, fenders, bumpers, and shock absorbers, are several of the many auto parts available online. You can also find accessories for cars online. SUVs, vans, trucks, sedans, and motorcycle parts, are all available through the expansive inventory of used parts.


Upon visiting the site, customers can browse by parts type, or they can input vehicle information on the homepage. Entering the year, make, and model of their vehicle will pull up an inventory of available parts online.


For drivers who want the option of new, used, and recyclable parts, here's where they'll find them. Visitors will enter their vehicle's information upon visiting the website. From there, they will get a listing of local dealers that carry items for the parts they want to buy. Customers can order online, or choose to visit a local dealer in their area.

The website allows visitors to search by VIN, the type of part, or customers can do a multi-part search. Secure checkout also guarantees customers billing and credit card information is safe when they place an order online. With thousands of cars in the inventory, customers can find the items they need, for nearly any vehicle they own.


In addition to buying parts, businesses or private sellers can also sell online. Dealers can list over 500,000 parts online without having to pay for a membership. Customers will find great deals, the option to buy new and used, and parts for thousands of vehicles online.

Get Used Parts

For drivers who prefer buying locally rather than online, this website will help you find the best dealers. On the homepage, visitors enter their vehicle make and model. The site then prompts visitors to input the year of their car. Searchers will then enter the type of parts they want to buy.


After entering a zip code or city, and state, the website pulls up local used auto body parts retailers. Customers can then narrow down the listings in the area. The site only lists reputable dealers, with necessary licensing and credentials to sell used parts. So, visitors don't have to worry about who they're buying from since it's a licensed business.


The site lists the local used dealers by location/distance. Depending on the type of parts, the year, make, and model of the car, the number of retailers, will vary. For standard vehicles, more local dealers will show up, so drivers will find the best deals. For rare parts or luxury vehicles, there might not be as many local dealers. Either way, this site offers drivers an alternative to online shopping, if they prefer local dealers.

Nation Wide Used Auto Parts


Here drivers will find used auto body parts for foreign and domestic cars. The family-owned business sells OEM parts, for nearly any vehicle imaginable. When searching, customers can search by item, or by the type of vehicle they own. Multi-part searches are also an option.


Great warranties and free shipping are available on all orders. Customers can also shop by new arrivals if they own a newer model (or common make/model) car. It's easier to find the used parts for it in the online catalog. The business carries millions of items in the online inventory. The website also updates new listings daily, so customers will always find what they're looking for online.


The company is a BBB accredited business and is part of the Automotive Recyclers Association. Customers can rely on the reputation, variety, and the low prices when shopping with this nationwide seller.

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Ready to Buy Used? Shop Here for the Best Used Auto Body Parts and Deals

If you need to replace a transmission, need spare tires, or a new alternator, don't overpay for new parts. Buying used auto parts is just as safe, they are direct OEM parts, and they're much cheaper. Some sites for buying used are superior to others. For those who want to find the best price, is a great site to visit. The site offers customers a low price guarantee. If they see a lower price (with proof) on a competitor's site, will match and beat the price. They also have millions of parts in the expansive inventory. So, customers won't only find lower rates, but also a wide selection online.

used body parts online

For drivers looking for the most selection, is the site to visit. With over 185 million parts online, there's no shortage of items available for customers to select. The site scours parts before listing them as well. If parts are part of a recall, they only list these for sale after determining they're safe for resale. Customers will find OEM parts, nearly any manufacturer imaginable, and can do single or multi-part searches quickly.

Used auto body parts don't mean dangerous or infer these items will die after a few months of driving. On the contrary, these OEM parts are practically new and available at a discount price. For drivers who want to save, you can do so when you buy used. And, it's the Eco-friendly option when upgrading auto parts as well.


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