Hi! I’m Cathy Mayer, and I’m the Chief Editor here at Warrior of the Roads. I’ve been cleaning grease from under my fingernails since I was a toddler. One of my favorite things to do on the weekends was to follow my dad around as he worked on our family cars. I learned early which tool was which and could hand dad the crescent wrench (also known as the knuckle-buster) or whatever tool he asked for before I started kindergarten. Those were the days when a backyard mechanic could pretty much rebuild an entire car engine in their driveway.

Unfortunately for car enthusiasts, those days are coming to an end — unless you happen to own a classic vehicle. Computerized everything is the new order of the day when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Because of that, Warrior of the Roads was developed to offer information, tips, tools, how-to guides, product reviews, and so much more. We want to offer something for everyone with a similar passion for all things cars.

It is our goal to provide a phenomenal resource for anyone with questions about anything relating to motor vehicles. Our research, writing, and editing staff is packed full of people just like me. We either grew up working on cars, or developed a passion for it more recently. Whatever category you fit into – you have found kindred spirits.

If you just got a brand new car and want to add a pressure washer to your garage, we’ll tell you which one won’t peel the paint off your ride. If you had an unfortunate mishap on a country road, we will be here to help you make your ride less aromatic. If you need to know which oil filter will be better for your car that information will be here too. From reading new-fangled computer codes to changing your windshield wipers, you will find the information you need right here at Warrior of the Roads.

If you love cars, vehicle maintenance, or just want to make sure the local mechanic is giving you good information, we welcome you to our site and our community and we hope you find our resources helpful! We’d love to hear from you, whether that’s in a comment on one of our posts or a private message to our team.

Cathy Mayer