The 10 Best Car Alarm System Options for Deterring Thieves and Keeping Your Family Safe

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You want what any parent wants: to keep your family safe. With the best car alarm system, you can keep your property and family safe by deterring thieves from your home and vehicles.

Advancements in technology have led to some of the most convenient perks, and we’ll show you exactly what to look for in the best alarm for your car. 

Product FAQs

Below, you'll find some of the most commonly asked questions about car alarms. 

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What Does a Car Alarm Do?

Car alarm systems won’t prevent thieves from getting into your car or stealing your valuables, but it will deter people from doing so.

The added work that goes into getting around an alarm is often enough to keep thieves at bay, and the sound scares them away quickly before they can spend too much time snooping around your property. 

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Will Having a Car Alarm Lower My Insurance Costs?

Insurance companies vary, but many will give you a lower premium if you install a system they've deemed worthy enough. 

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What Are the Main Types of Car Alarms?

There are three main types of car alarm systems, and they vary based on how they work. Audible alarms are the most basic, with a sensor that triggers a loud siren if your vehicle is disturbed.

These are the cheapest types of systems, and sometimes a gust of wind or rowdy cat can set off the alarm.

Other alarms include:

  • Passive – Automatically become armed when the ignition switches off, and you shut the door. 
  • Active – Require you to turn on the alarm when you’re ready and disarm the system before getting back in. 
  • Two-Way Paging Systems – Unlike the more conventional one-way paging system, all the information you need is sent into your key fob. 
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What Convenient Features Should I Look For?

Car alarms some with various features, such as a remote start function, real-time security alerts, car finder, or smartphone compatibility.

The basic alarm will come with at least shock sensors, encrypted transmission, carjack protection, and some type of mobile app capability. 

Mobile apps offer some of the coolest features, and the top security companies such as Viper use cloud technology to control and monitor your vehicle remotely. Keys aren't even needed.

Yet, you can check on your car or receive text and email alerts if someone attempts to break in. Some will also track the location of your vehicle using a GPS. However, they only reach about a mile at most. 

Added features like these are much better than traditional car alarms that merely siren until someone who cares enough stops the sound, which has become a problem in large cities full of noise.

 With added features, you don't have to track down your car to see what's going on or head outside to turn off the alarm in the middle of the night when a cat walks across the hood. 

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Do I Need a Professional to Install the Car Alarm?

While some car alarm systems require a professional to complete the installation correctly, which comes with added costs, others are easy to install yourself.

DIY installation models often are more affordable, but you need to know what you’re doing.

Some systems are complicated to install by yourself unless you have prior experience because it involves many wires and altering your car's electrical system as a whole, so a professional's help is highly recommended. 

If you do decide to take the DIY installation route, be aware that doing so can also affect your car’s warranty or any warranties you may have on your vehicle’s equipment. 

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Are Car Alarms Covered with a Warranty?

Most car alarm systems come with a warranty, especially if you buy yours from an authorized dealer. If you don’t have a professional install the alarm, however, your warranty is moot. 

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Will the Car Alarm Drain My Battery?

Yes, alarms will drain your car’s battery. If it’s hooked up to the lights and horns, it may drain the battery faster.

Some systems may drain the battery entirely in just a few hours. The amount of power the drains will depend on the alarm you select and how many other car accessories run at the same time. 

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Can a Thief Disarm the Alarm?

Most alarm systems come with an emergency override that will allow you to disconnect it by merely removing a fuse or unplugging the car's battery.

However, once the car alarm is disconnected from a source of power, you can't start the vehicle. A thief may be able to remove the power source, but it would take much more time and effort than anything inside your car they could steal is worth. 

How We Reviewed

To create the ultimate list of best car alarm system options available, we researched what features make people love the top alarms. 

We scoured the internet to research the top alarms in the industry and found what features tech-savvy people today need. 

Top 10 Best Car Alarm System Options

We narrowed down the list to the top 10 best car alarm options on the market today, which include various features and prices. The following alarms are sure to deter thieves from your vehicle:


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Avital 5303L Security/Remote Start System

No products found.

A sturdy two-way security system with a remote and keyless start for your car as well, Avital offers customers a large LCD that backlit in blue with a panic mode to alert anyone within the wireless radius. 

It has the traditional flashing lights and blaring loud siren as most car alarms, and it’s sensitive enough to be able to detect activity in and on your vehicle.

Anything the alarm detects will show up on the LCD screen in real time, and you can choose which sensor you want to activate. 

Choose between active or passive arming, select the level of security you desire and don’t worry about using other accessories in your car at the same time.

This alarm won’t drain the battery because it offers four auxiliary channels for all your needs. 


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Safetyon Keyless Entry System

Safetyon is one of the best alarms on the market today because it offers incredible features and top-notch security. The keyless entry allows you to get going faster than ever, and the protection it provides is reliable and impressive. 

It comes with a mechanism similar to a deadbolt to keep thieves from prying the doors open, and you can program a security code or two, which most alarms don’t offer.

The transmitter will reach up to 33 yards, and it works great on campers and trailers as well. 


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CarLock Advanced Real-Time Car Tracker and Alert System

CARLOCK - 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3G Car Tracker & Car Alarm. Comes with Device & Phone App. Easily Tracks Your Car in Real Time & Notifies You Immediately of Suspicious Behavior.OBD Plug&Play
  • WORK & SLEEP WITHOUT WORRY - CarLock monitors and alerts you on your phone when your vehicle is moved, when the engine starts, if unusual vibration is detected & even if the device is disconnected!
  • MONITOR YOUR TEENAGER - We love our teens but they can be entirely different people behind the wheel. CarLock detects harsh acceleration (drag racing), hard breaking & sharp cornering (stunt driving).
  • VIRTUAL MECHANIC - CarLock actively monitors the health of your vehicle and alerts you in advance if your car battery is running dangerously low or is experiencing high battery drain.
  • LIKE GPS ON STEROIDS - Also included is detailed trip tracking which lets you monitor where your car has been. Whether your car is stolen or a "trusted" driver is going off course - you'll know!
  • EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE - CarLock uses cloud computing, internet storage, GPS tracking and a modern day app (Andoid & iOS). You get all this for only $9.60 per month and the first month is FREE!

With phone notifications to update you on the status of your car, you can always keep an eye on your belongings. If there’s the slightest vibration or disturbance, even if you need help watching a rowdy teenager, CarLock will keep you up to date. 

When your teen takes the car, you’ll know if they brake too hard, take a corner sharply, or accelerate quickly. The car’s health data is then sent to a virtual mechanic option, which lets you know if the battery is draining too fast. 

It even has features like GPS to track where your vehicle has been, and the smartphone app features offer top levels of convenience in the tech-savvy world.

However, there is a monthly service fee. The first month of service is free when you sign up. 


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Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST Two-Way Security with Remote Start System

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security with Remote Start System
  • Responder LC3 SST 2-way LCD Pager Car Alarm with1-Mile Range and Remote Start
  • Remote can confirm commands with tones, vibration, text and icon display
  • One mile range primary LCD SST remote
  • Slim 5-button SST 1-Way companion remote control

The Python offers real-time security updates that notify you when someone attempts to tamper with your car’s doors or windows.

Install this alarm, and you can use your smartphone to receive the updates immediately and control your security options directly from the mobile app. 

Customers love that this system has a super long battery life, and you may be able to last up to 3 months in between charges.

What's really great about this option is that it offers the most extended remote range you'll find (a mile). The remote system works two-ways, so you always know your car alarm is on. 

You can even see the temperature inside the car before you get in and use the remote start option to ensure you never spend another winter freezing as you wait for the vehicle to heat up enough to stop shivering.

However, you will need a professional to install this model, and it's costly. 


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Viper 3106V 3-Channel 1-Way Car Alarm System

Viper 3106V 3-Channel 1-Way Car Alarm System
  • 3-Channel, 1-way security system with keyless entry, 4-button remotes and control center
  • Stinger double-guard shock sensor detects tempering
  • Revenger six-tone soft-chirp siren and parking light alarm response
  • Comfort closure automatically closes Windows on some vehicles
  • Two (2) auxiliary outputs

A much more affordable option, the Viper comes with great features for the price. It’s a top name brand in car alarm systems, and you can expect the best performance from Viper’s products.

This model is particularly great for preventing carjacking because it offers a panic alarm and a panic button feature you can press to kill the vehicle’s engine in moments.

The shock sensors will pick up any bumps to signal the alarm, and you can choose from sic various tones. 

This model is easy to install yourself, and you can set it up without any trouble. The one-way system is a bit of a downside, but the security level is still good.

Plus, this alarm offers a two-channel auxiliary, so you don't drain the battery as quickly while running your other accessories. 


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Prestige APS997Z Two-Way Pager with Tracking System

Prestige APS997Z Two-Way LCD Confirming Remote Start & Alarm 1-Mile Range
  • (1) Five Button 2-Way LCD Confirming Transmitter (1) Five Button 1-Way Transmitter Flash Logic FLCART Compatible Glass Mount Antenna with Built-in LED Light

An excellent alarm for the price, Prestige comes with some great features like a two-way pager to keep an eye on your car at all times, car tracking capabilities, and a remote start.

The pager doesn’t have the mile-long range that many top brands offer, but it does still work for up to about half a mile. You can add auxiliary outputs to the four offered, or add controls such as a sensor to tell if the glass breaks. 

Prestige is compatible with CarLink as well, even though the brand lacks recognition from top alarms. If you’ve previously used the brand’s GPS tracking services, Prestige's system will seem similar.

You can see your car's data on your phone, track your vehicle, and watch your teen drivers driving performance. However, you'll need a professional to complete the installation process, and there is no silent alarm setting, so expect some noise. 


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Crimestopper SP-302 SecurityPlus Two-Way Deluxe Alarm/Keyless Entry System

Crimestopper SP-302 SecurityPlus 2-Way Deluxe Alarm/Keyless Entry System
  • (1) 2-way LCD transmitter with 3000ft of range
  • (1) 5-button companion transmitter with 2000ft of range
  • Double Pulse unlock
  • Trunk release: disarm with trunk release
  • Priority unlock Feature

This alarm offers a long-range two-way remote system, so you will always know if anyone attempts to tamper with the doors or windows on your car. The remote has an LCD screen and a sleek paging remote design.

It reaches a range of up to 3,000 feet, which is much further than other top car alarm options out there, and it has both active and passive carjack protection. You can shut off the power to the ignition if the door opens as well. 

However, with this model comes really poor instructions. You could probably otherwise install the alarm yourself, but the difficult-to-follow instructions mean you might as well take it to a professional. Customer also claims the arm and disarm functions is faulty at times. 


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Viper 5706V

No products found.

The Viper 5706V comes from a top name in the industry known for their super long-range remotes. This option can reach up to a mile away, where most remotes top out around a quarter of a mile or so.

It also comes with some great features, such as a large LCD screen that displays the inside temperature of the car and remote start. 

Even better, when the alarm goes off, you will hear the siren from the vehicle and the remote as well, which is great if you're not nearby the car. However, you’ll need to get this alarm system professionally installed. 


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Pyle Car Alarm Security System

Pyle Car Alarm Security System - 2 Transmitters w/ 4 Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Ignition Locks Status Indicator LED w/ Sensor Bypass Valet Override Switch & 2 Auxiliary Outputs - PWD701
  • CAR ALARM: Alert yourself and scare off would be car burglars with the 120dB two tone siren and built in relay for parking lights, two auxiliary outputs plus many programmable features. Choose passive or active arming depending on the situation
  • 2 REMOTE TRANSMITTERS: Pyle car security system has two remote transmitters with status indicator LED. Each four transmitter button has two operating modes: standard and level shifted. The remote functions panic mode, chirp mute and sensor bypass
  • IGNITION LOCKS: Pyle security system features ignition locking that automatically locks the doors 5 seconds after the ignition key is turned on, and unlock when the ignition key is turned off. This feature helps to prevent you from being locked out
  • 2 AUXILIARY OUTPUTS: This auxiliary output can be used to activate other accessories in your vehicle like the remote engine start, turn on headlights, window roll up. Pressing transmitter button 1 will arm the system and activate 30 second output
  • VALET OR OVERRIDE SWITCH: In the event that the transmitter ends up lost or neglects to work, the system can be disarmed by using the emergency override feature. While the valet switch Mode will disable the car security system

Pyle offers a two-tone siren, so you can select the sound you prefer. The arming options include both passive and active, allowing you the versatility to choose your preferences depending on the situation.

This alarm also comes with ignition locks and the ability to lock the doors just five seconds after you turn on the ignition.

Use two remote transmitters or keep one as a backup in case of an emergency. The valet mode is a nice way to disable the security system as well.

If all you really need is a siren and lights that will go off and scare away thieves, Pyle is the alarm for your car. It also comes with a limited warranty. 


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ScyTek A20

No products found.

Another affordable model similar to Pyle, the ScyTek A20 is a dual-zone alarm with a siren and lights that signal if anyone attempts to break in. The sensor offers a warning chirp if anyone gets too close to the vehicle, which sends thieves running. 

It performs as well as many of the top named brands like Viper, but ScyTek is cheaper because it doesn’t come with convenience features. The remote isn’t two-way, so you must hear the alarm to know it went off.

However, you can obtain some added features such as keyless door entry for extra money.

Our Verdict

Avital 5303L Security/Remote Start System is our top pick for the best car alarm system. It is a visual remote with an encrypted key fob that offers great shock sensors for added protection. Although it doesn’t have the furthest range or a panic button, it protects really well. 

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